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Coating Projects

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  • Hoslti Mailbox
  • Powder Coating
  • 442 Oil Pan
  • Arrow 7 Ranch
  • Blue Rims
  • Spreader Bar
  • Fairlane Motor
  • Shooting Bench
  • Shooting Bench
  • Shooting Bench
  • Basin Bed Cab
  • Chevy Valve Covers
  • Brown Fence

Available Services

Powder Coated Tough

Powder Coated Tough

The Powder Coated Tough Stamp was developed by The Powder Coating Institute (PCI) in response to the market's need to show the benefits of powder coating as not only tough and of high quality but also highlight the environmental friendliness of powder coating technology. This Stamp was developed to illustrate toughness and the Stronger, Greener and Better aspects of powder coatings compared to alternative technologies.

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Chassis Preparation and Powder Coating

If you would like to have a chassis or any product powder coated with our standard powder coat, gun coat, or high-temp coat, please view the following document for preparation of your products:

Chassis Prep And Powder Coating

Powder Coating

At Manufacturing Systems Inc, we run a state of the art powder coating system consisting of:

  • 400ft Over-Head Conveyor
  • 3-Stage Automated Wash
  • 1 Million BTU Dry-Off Oven
  • 8-Gun Automatic Paint System with Re-claim
  • Large Manual Bag Booth
  • 3 Million BTU Bake Oven
  • Small Sandblast Cabinet

We stock a large quantity of colors and can order powder for your project. To view our powder coating projects, visit the Coating Archive.

Our powder is supplied by:

NIC Industries Sherwin Williams Tiger Drylac