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MSI Logo

  • Red Bike Frame
  • Katelyn Sign
  • Belle Inn Sign
  • Basin Bed Cab
  • Well
  • Basin Bed

Past Projects

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  • Hoslti Mailbox
  • Family Birthdays Sign
  • 15th Anniversary Sign
  • MSI TruCatch Sign
  • Plasma Table
  • Bible Verse
  • Basin Cab Door
  • Leaf
  • Ford Valve Covers
  • Hold Down Tool
  • 911 Sign


For over 25 years, Manufacturing Systems Inc. has had the opportunity to send a wide variety of products out the door and are always excited to be involved in new, innovative projects.

Our signature product line, Tru-Catch Traps™, has allowed us to serve the animal welfare community nation-wide and gain valuable knowledge in every aspect of product development, design, promotion,a nd sales. Our traps are constructed, welded, and powder coated in-house. Give your customers what we give ours...a quality, American-made product.