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MSI uses SolidWorks™ for all of our design needs. SolidWorks™ is a 3D mechanical CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) program that runs on Microsoft Windows and is developed by Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp™. It is used by over 1.87 million engineers and designers at more than 165,000 companies worldwide.



MSI uses a Komatsu™ KCR-0451 RASOR 5' x 10' Fine Plasma Cutting System with a 40 Amp high definition plasma unit. This unit will cut up to .500" mild steel. We added the RasorNest™ and PathMaster™ software for a complete CAM system.


AIM Inc.™

MSI is runnning an AIM™ AFM-3D8-T Wire Forming Machine which is integrated with a Fanuc™ M-6iB Robot and programmed with the Smart Editor software. Smart Editor is AIM's exclusive software which sets the standard in wire forming technology.



The Adobe™ Software currently installed at MSI is Adobe™ Creative Suite 5 - Design Premium which includes PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Illustrator, Fireworks, InDesign, Bridge, and more. Adobe™ is used at MSI for graphic design, web development, and picture/video editing.

About Us

Manufacturing Systems, Inc. uses SolidWorks™ 2016 Professional Software for all of our drafting needs and we are currently up to date in all training programs from the SolidWorks™ Corporation.

From large sheet metal drawings to detailed machine work designs, we can help you visualize your product needs. If you need to have a drawing prepared and a product built, we will quote and produce a part to your specifications.

In addition to designing your products, we help you reduce costs in the the manufacturing process. We also keep all drawings on file, in case we need to produce another product for you.

If you would like to view our design projects please visit the Design Archive.

We also offer outside contract work in design or drafting to supplement your staff, should the need arise. We have an in-house engineer and graphic designer to cover each aspect of the manufacturing process from product inception to marketing/advertising.

This website was created in-house at MSI. If you or your company need basic marketing or promotional materials, we can work with you in designing attractive, useful pieces.